FA.B! FAmily Based care for children in migration is aimed at supporting the improvement and expansion of alternative family- based care system for Unaccompanied Migrant Children in 5 European frontline Mediterranean Countries: Italy, Greece, Spain, Malta and Cyprus, involving in each Country key public institutions and experienced private organizations.

Family based care is commonly recognized as the best way to facilitate integration and promote the well-being of children and there is plenty of studies, best practices, guidelines on the subject, but yet only a minority of UMC benefits from FB care. FA.B! focuses on fill this gap between the awareness of the best solution and its application, intervening on critical aspects of the process of establishing a FB care system alternative to reception centres.

" Everyone deserves affection and supportin growing into adulthood "

2019: 3,404 sea arrivals of which 802 claimed to be unaccompanied minors

2020: 2,575 sea arrivals of which 537 claimed to be unaccompanied minors

2021 (January-June): 147 sea arrivals of which 73 claimed to be unaccompanied minors

Unaccompanied minors' main countries of origin




Local news and events on the topic, National and European regulations and contexts, quick infos and factsheets, visual graphics, webinar, selected training materials produced by previous relevant projects and by FA.B!

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To protect minors’ identity pictures will be shared among partners to ensure that each partner can use photos of young migrants from other places that can not be recognised by the local population.

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